Ping List for WordPress

Ping List for WordPressAfter been posting lot about thesis i m back again to WordPress and will give you a big Ping list. I have been asked by Many Bloggers or fellas why you are using Blog instead of a Website. The main reason is that Websites are not every well indexed by the Search Engine and the Blogs whether its self hosted or not a Self hosted blogs gets indexed.Pinging is good habit it tells the Crawlers that you have published some stuff so they come and Crawl your website.

When ever you Update or publish your posts the WordPress itself pings the Ping List that in your WordPress by default WordPress has the following the Ping List :
Now here is a new Ping List for you :
Caution : Adding all the Whole ping list might Slow down your Blog
This is quit too big Ping list. i know that but don't use all it will slow down your Blog and you will surely won't like your blog loading slowly.
How to add this ping list to WordPress
Now will add the acquired ping list in WordPress.
  1. Login to WordPress Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings >> Writing
  3. On Writing Settings page go to bottom you will see Update Services and below it a Big Box
  4. In that Big Box add the ping list
    Ping List for WordPress
  5. Save it
As i already told above that when ever you edit , update or publish a Post WordPress automatically pings to the website you have added in ping list.but be careful more pinging will result that website to to ban gradually it will result in Drop in your SEO.